Millennial Adulting

The meaning of ‘adulting’

The term “adulting” has significantly increased in popularity only a few years ago, according to Time. It was popularized by millennials as a way to describe engaging in activities that are associated with adulthood, like paying bills, taxes, and working a full-time job, while still not feeling like a ‘real’ adult.

What qualifies one as a ‘real’ adult? I don’t know. I try to be an adult but often don’t feel like one.

Jastivities talks Millennial Adulting

And many millennials share that sentiment. Our generation is experiencing the phenomenon of “delayed development”, which means that we finish school later, become financially independent later, marry later and have kids later than the generations before us. This is a good thing, because the period between adolescence and adulthood, which is the time when we ‘adult’, allows us to explore,¬†experiment, and expand our horizons.

“Millennial Adulting”

As many of my fellow millennials, I am exploring and trying to experience as much of this world as possible. So the title “Millennial Adulting” seems fitting for this blog section. This part of my blog can include anything from career to relationship experiences, lessons I’ve learned and lessons that I haven’t learned quite yet.


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